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At first blush, leasing commercial real estate would appear to be a fairly straightforward and uncomplicated business transaction.  The owner of a building simply agrees to let a tenant occupy the property in exchange for a certain amount of rent.

Unfortunately, as our society has become ever more complicated, landlords and tenants have found that many situations can arise, during the course of a lease, where a simple agreement to pay rent does not satisfactorily protect the interests of the parties.  In addition, business owners have learned, often the hard way, how important the space acquisition decision can be to their company.  If the space proves inadequate to the need, the entire enterprise will suffer.

While there is an abundance of educational material dealing with real estate investment, few educational courses or books are available that provide more than a cursory look at lease transactions.  This how-to course, designed to be a quality reference tool for experienced commercial brokers, attorneys, corporate real estate executives and institutional landlords, fills that gap.

For example, there was virtually no place that a broker, landlord or tenant could go if they had a need to find out the important business considerations surrounding a particular lease clause.  This knowledge exists, of course, but even experienced real estate brokers and attorneys may not be able to supply all the pieces to the puzzle.  In our experience, this has been a real hit and miss scenario that resulted in many tenants and landlords learning about these crucial business points the hard way, at the cost of a bad experience.

Since it is impossible to delve into the more sophisticated nuances of leasing commercial real estate without first laying down a solid foundation of general knowledge, the course also serves well as a fast start program of training for those with little or no experience.

In addition to the valuable knowledge and information that will guide you through the lease process, The Course contains all of the forms and reference materials that have been discussed including:

  • The "Space Acquisition Timeline";
  • Evaluation Version of the "Office Needs Analysis" Software (Registration Code sold separately);
  • Evaluation Version of the "Comparative Lease Analysis" software (Registration Code sold separately); and
  • Comprehensive "Request For Proposal" ("RFP") templates for both office and industrial properties.

ALSO included is: the Cost of Occupancy Analysis, a valuable tool for helping a tenant assess the lease vs. purchase decision as well as a detailed and current Glossary of Terms (over 25 pages).

Of course, the incredibly valuable and information packed 73 page "Lease Clause Analysis - Issues of Significance" section is also included. 

With the Acrobat Reader software we provide, you will be able to view, navigate and print the contents of The Course using most any computer platform.

Invest in yourself.  Take control of the process.  Make better decisions.  Negotiate with confidence.  If you are a broker or an attorney, provide a higher quality of service to your clients.  Make a choice to obtain my course, "How to Lease Commercial Real Estate", and begin to IMMEDIATELY benefit from all of the knowledge, forms and reference materials that will be right at your fingertips!

If you are a landlord, be more confident that any lease you consummate will have the intended result, not just today but also when the property is to be mortgaged or sold.  After all, it is the lease that brings value to the property and if not thoughtfully drafted, can severely impact your return on investment.

Immediately catapult your ability to competently lease commercial real estate and be on the fast track to knowledge by ordering your copy of "How to Lease Commercial Real Estate" today.  In conjunction with a full day seminar, the cost of this course is $650, but as an internet marketing test and for a limited time, the home-study version of the course is only $295!  We think you will agree that this is a tremendous bargain.

You may be asking, what about a guarantee?  Are the strategies, forms and knowledge as valuable as we have said they are?  Well, how about... if you don't like The Course for ANY reason at all (it can be because you felt it was not worth the money or just because you didn't like the way it printed out), we will refund your purchase price immediately.  We are this confident because our clients are very satisfied. We get zilch returns, so we don't worry about offering a strong guarantee policy.

Just to "sweeten" the deal, if you order now, we will include the 3 following valuable White Papers that will provide you with additional valuable insight into the landlord/tenant relationship:

Bankruptcy Considerations
An outline of the pertinent issues surrounding bankruptcy, addressed from both the landlord's perspective (i.e. tenant is in bankruptcy) and the tenant's perspective (i.e. landlord is in bankruptcy).

Extending or Renegotiating a Lease
A discussion of the tenant's negotiating posture when structuring the terms of a renewal with a sample "new lease vs. renewal" analysis included to help illustrate the significant financial benefits that can flow to a landlord.  Also provided is a checklist of relevant lease clauses that should be re-examined, especially if they were originally negotiated in a less favorable environment.

Letters of Intent
A practical discussion of the issues surrounding letters of intent together with an outline of the practical considerations if the parties to a negotiation plan to use such a document.

The price of this course will be a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you or your clients are going to lose in your lifetime without this know-how.  Look at it this really can't afford to not invest in this jam packed course!

There are three easy ways to order The Complete Program at the special price of $295.00 (plus shipping and handling):

  1. The fastest way to order is to click here and order directly online.  You will be connected to our secure server, eProcessing Network, so your credit card information will be encrypted and protected.

  2. Call the internet support line at 1-303-504-3437 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and mention "publication #333" in your voice message to get the discounted price with the bonus White Papers mentioned above.

  3. If you prefer to mail or fax us your order, click here .  You will be able to select mail or fax and print the appropriate order form. You can fax your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of the Course content discussed above will be sent to you on CD, via the shipping method you choose, on the next business day following receipt of your order.  The course can be viewed and printed using the Acrobat Reader 4.0 software which is included with The Course or can be downloaded FREE from

If you are looking for information on how to market and promote a property or get someone to show you the ups and downs of the real estate market - this is not where you will find it.  This course provides the "hard core" techniques needed to competently navigate through the process of leasing commercial real estate.  We are not here to determine what your rental rate should be or which buildings have available space... your real estate broker can help you with market knowledge.  We're here to give you all the "insider" strategies, techniques and knowledge that will allow you to successfully negotiate a lease for space in any commercial property.

We are talking about a real-life, nuts and bolts, down-to-earth, step-by-step approach to leasing commercial real estate.  We have done it for the "big boys", now let us do it for you.

Don't put off sending your order if you're at all interested.  This information could be invaluable to your business and could be worth thousands of dollars in future leasehold interests. Call, fax or order online today.

Just one of the hundreds of great techniques, tips, and strategies could easily pay for your whole investment, many times over.

And remember, you have nothing to lose.  If you don't like The Course for ANY reason at all, we will refund your purchase price immediately.


Steve Wennerstrom
President, The Center For Commercial Real Estate

P.S. Still not convinced you need this "cutting edge" home-study course. Let me give you one more reason why I think this course is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone involved in leasing commercial real estate, and why it is such a dynamite program.  If you aren't using the knowledge, strategies and techniques found in the "How to Lease Commercial Real Estate" course, you're losing money! You can't lose with this deal.  If you don't like The Course, for ANY reason, I will cheerfully refund your money.  Remember, this $295 special offer will only be valid for a limited amount of time.

P.S.S. This course is tax deductible as a business expense because it is training material!  If you are a Colorado broker, the Course is approved for 16 hours of continuing education.

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