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       The CFCRE Office Needs Analysis software program provides a comprehensive method of identifying the square footage requirement and describing the desired physical attributes of a tenant's office environment.  Performing this evaluation in a step-by-step format can help the tenant think through exactly what space components are or are not required, and then match these components to their staffing projections.

The software has been desiqned to offer sufficient detail for even the largest and most sophisticated tenant but remains simple enough to be valued by smaller tenants as well.  The format provides for each possible shared component of space (i.e. reception, conference, coffee bar, copy/file, etc.) and inspires detailed thought with respect to individual work areas such as private offices.

This is, in part, accomplished by specifically noting the wants and needs associated with each space component (i.e. Reception Area: built-in reception desk; 4-guest seats; elevator exposure; locate adjoining guest office and board room).  This information not only helps build consensus within the tenant's organization but also proves invaluable when communicating tenant needs to each prospective landlord's space planner.


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'Main' Program Screen
The program's data entry screens, examples of which are shown to the left, are clean and well organized.  Help buttons are scattered throughout to aid you in your input.  Many of the entry blanks are intuitive and every effort has been made to limit input when it is obviously in error.

The "Main" entry screen is the first thing you see upon entering the program. The area at the top of the form displays the information that prints in the header of each report. The company information and logo is entered during program installation but can be updated at any time.

Click on any of the images to the left for a full size view of the various forms.  This will better allow you to review the variety of data input options that are available. You can also view the following Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files containing sample reports that were generated using this same data.
Sample Reports Size
Shared Facilities Analysis
Corporate Facilites Analysis
Department Facilities Analysis
Office Needs Summary Report
- OR -
All Sample Reports (zip file)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free)
Click to download Adobe Acrbat Reader (free).  

Corporate Data Input Form  
Department Data Input Form
Free Evaluation Version Available

If you wish to further evaluate the CFCRE Office Needs Analyis program, you can clicking here to download the FREE evaluation version of the software to your computer.  During the installation process, choose to run the 30-day Evaluation Version of the program.  When your ready, and without further downloads, the registration code can always be entered that converts the program into a fully functioning registered copy of the software.

The initial License Cost for the program is $150.00 and its use is subject to the CFCRE Comparative Lease Analysis Copyright/Warranty/License Agreement.  When payment is received, you will be sent, via e-mail, a Registration Code that will allow your single user version of the software to function for a period of one (1) year following the date of registration.  Thereafter, annual license renewals are available for a nominal charge of $15.00 to insure that proper support remains available.  Click here if you wish to purchase the Registration Code.

Important Note:  The program requires that Microsoft Excel 2000 or above be installed on your computer (i.e. not Excel 97).  If you are still working with an older version of Excel, you will be amazed at the enhancements that Microsoft has built in to their latest version.  We have found that the XP upgrade version of Excel costs approximately $100 and is well worth the investment.


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