CFCRE Comparative Lease Analysis

CFCRE Office Needs Analysis

ReadMe Notes                                                                                                                      March 25, 2006



IMPORTANT NOTE:   The "Comparative Lease Analysis - Version 6.3" and "Office Needs Analysis - Version 1.2" software can only be run using Excel version 2000 or higher (i.e. not Excel 97).  Prior to opening one of these files, YOU MUST verify that the Security Level of your Excel  program is NOT set on HIGH.  On the Excel menu bar, click "Tools" and then select "Macro" / "Security...".  Under the "Security Levels" tab, we recommend that you select the "Medium" level of security.  At this security level, Excel will always notify you when a file contains macros and let you choose whether or not to allow the macro to run.


During the installation process, you will be given the opportunity to provide the name, address and telephone numbers for your company.  This information, together with any logo image you select, will appear in the header on the first page of every report you generate.  While the company information and logo can later be edited, it is best that this information already exist in the Template that is created and from which future documents will be generated.  If the company information or logo image change in the future and you want these changes to be reflected in the Template, simply re-install the Program.


TIPS (for best results):  Prior to initiating the installation process (i.e. by opening the Program Install file in Excel), the image file for your company's logo should be located on a hard drive that is always accessible by this computer (i.e. the "C" Drive, not a removable disk or CD).  This will allow the header on the Program's "Main" screen to accurately represent how the header will appear at the top of each report.


EXCEL MENU / TOOL BAR:  The CFCRE Comparative Lease Analysis ("CLA") and Office Needs Analysis programs disable the standard tool bars and menus in Excel and then restore them when the file is closed.  If the computer is turned off or otherwise disrupted while the program is running, it is possible that these standard toolbars and menus could remain hidden the next time Excel is opened.  If this occurs, use Windows explorer to locate the _Menu-Toolbar Recovery.xls file located either on the CD or in the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded Program Installation files.  Double clicking on the this file will cause Excel to load the file and the macros will automatically reset the standard tool bars and menus.




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